Contributors and Comrades

“The Flog Post team is comprised of some of the greatest thinkers and innovators in modern history, maybe ever.”

-American Proverb


Ryan Frazier – Visionary, Jewel Thief, The Captain

Founding member of Flog Post and its subsidiaries, Ryan “The Captain” Frazier is a champion of freedom and monument of human achievement. Scientists currently believe that Ryan is one of the leading causes of climate change as his daily takes are some of the hottest on earth. He is also believed to be the source of all partisan division in American politics and is responsible for most of the major jewel and art heists in the last century. As an uncompromising socialist firebrand he is likely to be one of the first people executed by Donald Trump’s secret police.



Will Caskey – Establishment Dad, Partisan Hack, Legendary Keeper Of the “Nacks”

Will Caskey is a prominent Democratic opposition researcher who has spent his extensive career fighting for progressive causes and serving as a mercenary beneath the DNC overlords. In his spare time Will prefers to roam the countryside righting wrongs and espousing the nihilistic truth of Arby’s to the common folk.


Anu Pandey – Dialectical Materialist

Anu is usually two standard deviations to your left. When she’s not debating establishment Democrats or trying in vain to explain the complexities of our social ills, she’s living the American coastal elite dream of being a young professional in the tech industry living in a hip, liberal city. Anu was raised in a working-class, immigrant household, and has a lot to tell you about the South Asian-American experience, racism and sexism in her industry, and several other topics you didn’t think you should care about.