Sean Hannity And The May Mystery Of Seth Rich

Sean Hannity’s typical disposition hovers between “slightly deflated whacky-arm-waving-tube-man” and “Cub Scouts den master who is a little too “into” it”. Depending on his mood and how he feels about current events his intensity and professionalism operate on a sliding scale of crazy. May has not been a kind month for Sean Hannity though and it’s starting to draw more attention than he’d probably like.

To really understand Sean’s journey over the past 24 days though we need to dive into his Twitter account where he keeps a kind of daily journal.

Back at the beginning of the month Sean was going about his business doing the normal kind of stuff that a conspiracy theorist and rage-beast does: taking pictures of stuff, making wild-eyed claims, and promoting his nightly broadcast. What’s significant about May 1st though is that it kicks off the final week that “Treat the service dog” would be at Sean’s studio. Hannity even tweeted about it, you can tell he was pretty upset:

Things continued pretty normally from there with Hannity lying about not wanting a position in Trump’s White House (he totally did), shit-talking a HuffPo editor (who hasn’t?), calling strangers on Twitter “snowflake”, and talking about the rants that he charitably calls “monologues” each night. In general, times were still good in Hannityville.

The following week set a darker tone though. It began on May 8th with the looming cloud of Treat the service dog’s absence. Hannity began the day clearly upset:

What the ominous (threatening?) intent behind the phrase “we are waiting for you” ultimately was will be lost to history but this tweet clearly marks Sean’s descent into what would be a turbulent two weeks.

On May 9th, Hannity tweeted “Comey Fired!!! Finally.” though he did not yet understand the consequences of this development and how they would soon ensnare him. Hannity has, for a long time, been a major defender and supporter of Donald Trump’s administration and he will go to extreme lengths to defend it. When he made this tweet he almost assuredly assumed (like Trump did) that this would put both Comey and the Russia investigation to rest. They would both prove to be very wrong.

For the next five days Hannity would be forced to repeatedly and fervently defend Trump’s decision to fire Comey as FBI director. Sean’s initial enthusiasm was quickly replaced with frustration and anger as he lashed out at the left, the media, and even Republicans who did not go along with the president’s agenda or who raised questions regarding the Trump administration’s collusion with Russia.

Hannity’s time on Twitter got more and more focused around the Comey scandal and his normally varied tweets became singularly combative and aggressive. This reaffirms the common wisdom that the most dangerous foe is a middle-aged white man who feels immense regret and insecurity for a recent decision.

Here’s Sean contradicting the White House’s original position that the decision was made in response to the recommendations from the Department of Justice.

Here’s Sean emulating his idol Donald Trump as he attacks Jake Tapper like an angry child with the kind of insults only a husky rage-beast like Hannity could come up with.

Here’s Sean defending his husky rage-beast insults to some random person on Twitter who dared to call him out on them. When Sean Hannity calls you a fuck you better believe he’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

This process goes on for days as the scandal grew and the Trump administration became increasingly ensnared in their own lies and contradictions. Then, on May 15th, Hannity struck gold. Much like how Donald Trump attempted to distract the media by falsely claiming that Obama had “wiretapped” his phone, Sean had discovered a story so sensational, conspiratorial, and poorly sourced that it could create an effective smokescreen.

Seth Rich was a DNC staffer who was killed in the capital over a year ago. Police believe that Rich was the victim of a robbery/mugging gone wrong and while they have not solved the case, they do not suspect anything more than that. Hannity had other ideas.

Sean began seizing on conspiracy theories that his followers sent him after having loosely pieced together components of Wikileaks’ leaked documents.

The story as Sean pitched it was that Seth Rich had actually been the one to leak the DNC emails to Wikileaks – not Russia – and that Rich’s death was an assassination. For the conservative media, this absurd theory seemed like the perfect distraction to pull the public’s gaze away from the Comey and Russia scandals that were rapidly unfolding on an hourly basis.

Fox even ran with a story covering the theory and using some flimsy internet detective work as “sources”. The story was soon redacted after the evidence supporting it proved to be entirely bullshit. Hannity, however, was less inclined to let this go as he was in no rush to return to reporting on Comey or Russia.

Over the coming days Hannity would tweet a firestorm of allegations, sources, and claims regarding the Seth Rich case and provide almost no evidence to any of it. He could eventually come to include convicted felon and movie pirate Kim Dotcom who claimed to have evidence related to the Seth Rich case. Hannity would ultimately mention Kim Dotcom in a number of tweets including this nonsensical exchange:

There’s really no additional context needed there. Kim Dotcom basically pulls a Judge Dredd “I am the law!” as he fails miserably to produce any tangible “evidence” to support the claims that he and Hannity have now be making for over a week. Despite this making Hannity look like a rube and Kim Dotcom look like… well.. Kim Dotcom, they pressed on with their campaign.

Hannity continued pushing this story both on Twitter and on his nightly broadcast and radio show until May 23rd when he finally made the following announcement on his show:

Hannity claimed that he would be dropping the Seth Rich story “for now” “out of respect for the family’s wishes”. In all probability it came as a result of the story being completely abandoned by the media and Hannity himself starting to look like a Glenn Beck level conspiracy theorist and peddler of insane bullshit but at least this way he can make it seem like he’s an okay guy.

However, despite claiming to be dropping the story, Hannity took to Twitter later that evening to reassure his followers that despite what they’ve been told (by him) he was still on the hunt. Hannity implied that he was still pursuing “the truth” as a sly wink and nod that the conspiracy may in fact be real and he isn’t actually redacting his claims.

As of May 24th, a number of advertising had begun to feel public pressure to abandon Hannity’s airtime in relation to his continued pursuit of the increasingly far-fetched connection between Seth Rich and Wikileaks. As of this posting,, Peloton (fitness equipment), and mattress retailer Leesa Sleep had all announced an advertising shift away from Hannity. Apparently the Fox demographic is simply that, cars, beds, and that treadmill you swear you’ll start using in a few weeks when you’re not so busy. Only time will tell if this ultimately becomes the same deluge of advertisers jumping ship that Bill O’Reilly suffered only a few weeks prior.